Pricing related Definitions.

class oandapyV20.definitions.pricing.PriceStatus

Bases: object

Definition representation of PriceStatus

Definitions used in requests and responses. This class provides the ID and the description of the definitions.

>>> import oandapyV20.definitions.pricing as defpricing
>>> print defpricing.PriceStatus.non_tradeable
>>> c = defpricing.PriceStatus()
>>> print c[c.non_tradeable]
The Instrument’s price is not tradeable.
>>> # or
>>> print defpricing.PriceStatus().definitions[c.non_tradeable]
>>> # all keys
>>> print defpricing.PriceStatus().definitions.keys()
>>> ...


attribute name non-tradeable is renamed to non_tradeable, value stil is non-tradeable. This means that a lookup stil applies.


return description for definitionID.


readonly property holding definition dict.

invalid = 'invalid'
non_tradeable = 'non-tradeable'
tradeable = 'tradeable'